At Herb Connect we empower growers of medicinal and culinary herbs to grow their business

Our why

Herb Connect was born from a lack of transparency in the medicinal herb supply chain for consumers and a need for a connection between growers and users, like herbalists, manufacturers or home herbalists. Our founder Naomi Ingleton is a herbalist, Ayurvedic practitioner, horticulturist and chef. She wanted to bring an awareness to the difference between fresh dried herbs and irradiated imports. 

“When I first started my apothecary business I wanted to make my own tinctures and blends, so I went to the available wholesalers. I wanted more information on where my herbs were coming from so I started growing my own. But this isn’t possible for everyone so I wanted to be able to have a space for other growers to control their business and connect then directly with customers.”

There is a lack of transparency and disconnect with how things are done currently, as herbalists, naturopaths, chefs and manufacturers we need a connection to the plants we are using so we can make more powerful medicine. A fair price for farmers and growers, a connection as medicine makers and ethically sourced produce.